The Difference

A Complete Solution Provider

FMS has been developing and delivering mobile resource management systems for more than 8 years and has enabled fleets in more than 75 countries. FMS vehicle tracking units and Fleet Director Global Web application have been proven and improved over four generations of product and some of the earliest products are still providing daily benefits to the clients who deployed them.

FMS intelligent modems are configured according to each customer situation and operating environment to deliver the most important information at any given time to the most appropriate individuals and by the most efficient manner such as by scheduled report, ad hoc SMS message, or high priority email.

FMS and Teletrac combined their businesses as Teletrac, Inc. in 2010, maintaining a strong commitment to meeting client needs and continuously improving solutions while leveraging the strengths of each organization in new product development and fleet services. The combined strength of the companies delivers GPS fleet tracking systems to more than 100,000 vehicles around the world. The comprehensive Teletrac portfolio of advanced technology solutions for GPS vehicle fleet tracking provides 24/7 reliability in any location, from local metropolitan areas to the most remote and rugged regions of the globe.

Architectural Decisions Favor Performance

Because FMS delivers all components of the solution, application code is implemented to optimize the use of processing power and performance tradeoffs. For example, FMS developed code running in the vehicle tracking device performs far more than just GPS location calculations. Urgent fleet operations information related to boundary or landmark checking, excessive speeding, harsh driving, and event alerts are interpreted and provided back to Fleet Director Global.

Eliminating the need to frequently scan the database for events enables the application to operate consistently regardless of the size of the fleet or volume of information to be processed.

FMS System Benefits

  • Scalable performance accommodating future fleet growth
  • Alerts detected as they occur in the vehicle
  • Less satellite bandwidth use and lower costs because continuous data collection from the modem is not required
  • Ability to accommodate feature enhancements without compromising performance