Message Display Terminal

FMS offers an optional text terminal that is hard-wired into the vehicle and connected to the Intelligent Tracking Device. It provides two-way messaging through pre-defined and driver composed text mail over satellite communications. These are delivered in the same real-time, anywhere on the globe manner as any other data originating at the vehicle.

Messaging / Emergency Communications

  • Two-way remote email messaging – invaluable when outside of cellular coverage areas
  • One-button “Emergency – Send Help” message
  • Two-way, “Custom Quick Messages” can be programmed into the MDT over-the-air so the driver or passengers can easily provide status updates to dispatch or main office. Mobile originated Custom Quick Messages are tagged with a time stamp, the geographic location of the unit and the vehicle odometer.
  • Check for new messages waiting on Iridium satellite network


Audio and visual in-cab alerts and driver mentoring

  • Excessive speeding
  • New in-bound message received
  • Entering a restricted zone (visual only)

Driver login / identification

  • Driver specific features and settings are enabled
  • Driver must enter 4 digit PIN to access MDT communications and features
  • All vehicle activity is tagged with Driver's name

System diagnostics

  • Validate installation, including electrical and data connections to vehicle as well as GPS signal reception and data link to the Iridium satellite network
  • One button operational readiness check to determine all systems are operational

Firmware / code updates

  • Clone MDT/modem firmware from one MDT to another
  • Update firmware on a modem with the MDT
  • Confirm firmware versions and serial numbers of MDT or modem

Monitor and control modem inputs / outputs

  • Control starter disable relay
  • Read analogue inputs to confirm sensor readers such as temperature and pressure