Fleet Director Global GPS Tracking Software

Fleet Safety, Efficiency and Performance

Fleet Director Global (formerly known as Fleet Central Solution) is your window into a comprehensive mobile resource management system that will improve your bottom line and provide new operational insight into your driver and fleet resources.

Fleet Director Global mapping, reports and alerts improve the efficiency and utilization of any fleet. Fleet Director Global GPS tracking software provides the solution front end for visualization of fleet telematics, whether it be real time alerts in case of emergency, the crossing of a boundary into locations outside of policy or weekly reporting of vehicle idle time. In addition, the FMS XML data services feed delivers the same information to any custom designed interface or application.

Fleet Director Global provides the secure administrative interface needed for an efficient fleet and for anticipating issues before they arise. Maintenance scheduling, vehicle allocation and fuel savings are just a few of the benefits. Fleet Director Global features help improve operations in many ways.

  • Speeding alerts, global and within a boundary
  • Stop duration, delivery and idle time reports
  • Engine diagnostic and harsh driving data
  • Asset configuration and management as fleet evolves
  • Driver Identification and security through Ignition Disable feature
  • Landmark, Boundary and Geofence operation and alerts
  • Scheduled reports based on fleet segment and parameters
  • Unauthorized use and after hours operation detection
  • Most recent location and historical radius search

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