Fleet Director Global Reporting

Fleet Director Global mapping, reports and alerts improve fleet efficiency and provide greater security and safety for drivers and assets.

Fleet Director Global reporting tools are simple to use and reports are easy to understand. Configuration and administration of reports is performed through the same Web interface used for viewing asset activity and performance. Reports show real-time activities such as most recent location, or historical results such as speeding violations for a given period of time and fleet segment.

Monthly_Utilization002Fleet managers find that a selection of reports run on a regular basis provide a view to fleet efficiency and driver compliance. In addition, ad hoc use of reports is valuable for responding to management queries, client complaints or to support personnel actions. Ultimately, complete knowledge of the fleet operational status and the historical proof points of vehicle activities will support enforcement of fleet policies, reduce costs and lower liability.

Reporting on fleet utilization enables fleet managers to optimize asset allocation and use less fuel.

Fleet Director Global reports provide timely information on all mobile assets, including:

  • customer stops and duration
  • boundary crossings
  • low battery alerts
  • excessive speed
  • ignition on/off notification
  • most recent location
  • geofence violations
  • door lock/unlock
  • ignition enable/disable
  • engine hours
  • mileage reports
  • maintenance schedules

FleetCentralHistory ReportBoundary Screen ShotStop Report