FMS specializes in global, continuous tracking coverage for logistics operations in remote, rugged and hazardous regions of the world.

As one of the top logistics companies in the Inc 5000 list, FMS has become a key provider of GPS truck tracking and mobile resource management in regions of the world where terrain, weather, insurgency or other risk of incidents is a real concern.

Remote Operations

Risks related to rugged and remote operations are being addressed by FMS for fleets operating in Africa, the Middle East and extreme northern latitudes of Canada and Alaska. Transportation companies find that Iridium satellite tracking offered by FMS insures that driver communication is maintained with reliable and near real-time performance regardless of location. For sub contracting situations, satellite monitoring in remote regions can insure that the primary provider is billed for vehicle operations.

Efficient Asset Utilization

Monitoring the locations and status of vehicles also provides important insight as to the readiness of vehicles to be reloaded or sent to another job. Remote operations where only Satellite tracking will show location give the logistics team an understanding of shipment progress and reduce unscheduled side trips by drivers. Sensors can help detect offloading of cargo or fuel and improve driver behavior and overall fleet efficiency.

Competitive Advantage

FMS capabilities in the Logistics industry are proven to provide competitive advantage for organizations that operate in remote and rugged regions of the world. Equipping vehicles with all satellite GPS tracking is important for meeting the tight location requirements of the US military and provides a higher sense of security for commercial clients.

FMS client Logistics applications and benefits are highlighted below.

Feature Benefit Business Value
Operations Management
Efficient Loading and Dispatch Increase Fleet Utilization Increased Fleet Capacity
Two-way Satellite Communication Quick Response and Direction Client Satisfaction, More Contracts
Logistics Annotations Greater Load Status Knowledge Quicker Asset Turnaround
Driver Management
Detect Unauthorized Use Improved Driver Behavior Reduced Risk and Fuel Savings
Theft Deterrent and Detection More Vehicle Recoveries Lower Fleet Costs