Government and NGO

FMS meets the fleet tracking needs and strictest security regulations for Government, NGO and Military applications.

All-satellite data communications and immediate delivery of GPS fleet tracking information are essential when it comes to providing solutions to government and military organizations. Safety and security are always important to FMS clients, but when it comes to the threat of insurgency, NGO operations or homeland security applications, it is critical and the number one reason for choosing FMS.

Globally Available Asset Tracking

GovernmentTracking limitations related to location or time are not an option with government and military deployments. Mobile resources must be tracked and information about their location, status and other operational data must be available immediately and with high degree of accuracy. FMS provides pole to pole location knowledge, whenever needed and supports this with high availability computing resources behind the Fleet Director Global hosted Web application.

Highly Reliable Communications

Two-way text communication is enabled by FMS using in-cab terminals. Where voice is not an option, this provides an efficient and reliable method for directing resources and responding to situations that may be urgent. Customized messages may be built in to the system to eliminate the need for each communication to be manually generated.

Emergency Response

Indication of an emergency can be communicated via alerts to cell phones, by text, email or pagers. These messages are generated by a button on the message display terminal, a panic button installed where message terminals are not installed or through various personal safety devices. All use the highly reliable Iridium satellite communication network and are delivered via FMS Fleet Director Global in near real-time.

FMS safety and security applications and benefits are highlighted below.


Feature Benefit Business Value
Safety and Security
Global Tracking High Confidence Location Knowledge Compliance with Mandates
Two-way Communication with Assets Anywhere, Anytime Reliable Contact with Entire Fleet Safer Teams and Greater Operations Success
Man Down Option Immediate Emergency Awareness and Response Reduced Incident Impact