Technology Partners


Iridium Communications Inc. is a publicly traded company headquartered in McLean,VA. Iridium's mobile voice and data communications solutions, for a wide variety of industries, are supported by the only truly global communications network, with coverage of the entire Earth, including oceans, airways and Polar Regions. Iridium's most rapidly expanding business segment is the machine-to-machine sector, in which the Iridium communications network provides mobile data links for asset tracking and other people and business asset monitoring applications. For more information on Iridium, visit



For over 10 years, Quake Global, Inc. has designed, manufactured and supported industrial M2M modems and controllers for advanced data acquisition, machine, process and motion control and asset monitoring through satellite, cellular, GPS and other emerging technologies. QUAKE™ is the leading manufacturer of communicators for multiple satellite and terrestrial networks and the only maker of network agnostic modems, providing its customers with a unified communications protocol for data coverage across multiple global satellite and terrestrial networks from a single device. For more information on Quake Global, visit



We are proud to be a global leader in the GPS-based fleet-management solutions industry. Our tracking, two-way messaging and integrated satellite navigation systems are improving the margins of more than 8,500 customers across four continents. Our history is ingrained with innovation, dedication and partnership. For more information on Navman Wireless, visit



Thanks to comprehensive technical expertise particularly in the field of computer-based antenna simulation, Hirschmann is one of the leading partners in the development and production of customized integrated antenna solutions.For more information on Hirschmann, visit


AeroAntenna Technology

AeroAntenna Technology, Inc. (AAT) is an innovative and AS 9100b certified company, which has pioneered many of the GPS antenna designs available today. We offer technologically advanced products; from FAA approved airborne antennas, to customized or standard products. For more information on AeroAntenna, visit