Customers & Partners

GPS Fleet Tracking, A Corporate Imperative

FMS delivers return on investment both financially and in the form of supporting corporate objectives. Reducing lives lost, providing better customer service and driving fleet efficiency. Read about customer successes and the business challenges that led them to acquire and deploy FMS fleet tracking systems. Many supporting partners help FMS to deliver an entire system, some of them are included here.

An Expert Channel Partner Network

The FMS network of certified Value Added Resellers (VARs) is responsible for many client deployments around the globe. FMS direct teams and partners have installed product in more than 75 countries since our founding in 2002. Careful training and support as new partners are selected and authorized insures production success for all clients and the return on investment they expect from FMS.

FMS VARs benefit from discounts on products, recurring service revenue, marketing programs and technical and sales support. Our goal is to help partners build a successful all-satellite GPS asset tracking practice and insure that clients receive the highest quality assistance to reach their goals.

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