Homeland Security ICE/ERO

“Managing a motor vehicle fleet is like counting ants in an ant farm. It cannot be done effectively without the latest technologies. FMS provides that technology!”

—Charles Welke, Fleet Inventory and Communications Unit, DRO

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The GEO Group, Inc.

“We have found FMS to be the best product for accountability and tracking, enabling us to meet CEO objectives and provide safe transit for inmates and drivers.”

—Ed Stubbs, VP Transportation, GEO Transport, The GEO Group, Inc.

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“We have used Fleet Management Solutions® since late 2006 across roughly 2,500 miles of US border. FMS has proven itself useful and particularly helpful with maintenance oversight and monitoring driver performance.”

—Kevin Johnson, VP Government Services, G4S 


Lincoln County Oilfield Services

Fleet Management Solutions® has been a valuable investment for LCOS. Its satellite tracking capabilities have enabled us to manage assets in extremely remote locations, and driver accountability has increased. Using FMS has strengthened the driver incentive program and implementation of the working alone policy, reduced maintenance and fuel costs, and enhanced overall equipment allocation.”

—Nichole Collins, HSE Administrator, Lincoln County Oilfield Services



“By incorporating the FMS technology into the M4 Dispatch Manager, we are enabling our service provider customers to significantly enhance their customer service and workforce management efforts. Via satellite—without having to depend on cellular coverage at all—the FMS system combined with the M4 Dispatch Manager helps ensure that trouble tickets and service orders are being worked in the most efficient and timely manner possible, at the lowest cost.”

—John Granger, President, Mapcom